Welcome to Theater Titanick!

Instead of this homepage, we would prefer to arouse your enthusiasm with a live performance with 30 thousand litres of water and spectacular fire effects. Maybe you will let us have such an opportunity soon, but under a summer sky! In the meantime we quote Dr Manfred Beilharz, director of the Biennale in Bonn. This is what he said about our productions when he was in Münster for the BITEF award, among other things:

"... a total work of art in which images, materials, illusions, lights and especially the elements fire and water play a role as important as the sensational music, drama, choreography, pantomime, dance and language [...]. Each performance is an example of the emancipation of all forms of theatrical expression. They function simultaneously and alongside each other, forming a unit ... an enchanting total work of art ..."

This Internet site will inform you about the latest news, our present and past productions, our theatrical work, our team and the press reviews we have received. If you wish to know when and where we are performing, go to Tour Dates, for photographs go to our Gallery.


Watch our presentation video here:

Theater Titanick Introvideo