"Firebirds featured a seriously interesting use of colour, design and music, culminated in a spectacular if frustrating failed flying competition at the west end, and showed substantial signs of real satirical thought about the vanity of human ambitions."

The Scotsman: Old year goes out with a bang - and, in some cases, a whimper

Ein Spektakel für alle Sinne

"Das bislang spektakulärste und eindrücklichste Straßentheater, das die Goldstadt je erlebt hat."

„Ein geniales Spektakel, das mit donnerndem Applaus gefeiert wurde. Von den Zuschauern wohl wissend, dass es auf absehbare Zeit kaum gelingen wird, dieses grandiose Kulturspektakel zu toppen. Bravo! Bravissimo!"

A spectacle for all one's senses

"The most spectacular and impressive street theatre that the gold town [Pforzheim] has ever witnessed."

"An ingenious spectacle, which was met with thundering applause. The audience knew very well that it will not be possible to outdo this marvellous cultural spectacle in the forseeable future. Bravo! Bravissimo!"
Pforzheimer Zeitung: Ein Spektakel für alle Sinne

"Uno spettacolo felliniano, affascinante e coinvolgente" commenta Veltroni, "dove il barocco si incontra con gli effetti speciali del cinema. Ho visto uomini e donne ballare sulle note dei musicisti in parata." L'allestimento è della compagnia "Theater Titanick". Il tema è quello del "volo". Di quello spiccato, di quello possibile, di quello solo agognato. Le "machine volanti", assemblate con cascami industriali di produzioni degli anni Settanta, devono avere motori potenti per condurre migliaia di spettatori in un sogno intrigante lungo le strade di una metropoli."

"A spectacle reminiscent of Fellini, fascinating and attractive, commented Veltroni, in which baroque elements were mixed with the special effects of films. I saw men and women dance to the music of the band in the parade."

"The production is by the group "Theater Titanick". The theme is "flying", be it realised, possible or only dreamt of. The "flying machines", that have their origins in industrial scrap metal of the 70s, have powerful motors to enchant thousands of spectators and to carry them off into a captivating dream along the streets of a Metrolpolis."

La Repubblica: Auguri da piazza del Popolo e in 150 mila tornano in metrò

"Viel Rauch. Viel Lärm. Um nichts? Nein, "Firebirds" war weit mehr als nur eine knallige Parade bizarrer Maschinen. Es war vor allem eine riesige Party. Perfekt inszeniert, ausgefeilt bis ins letzte Detail."

„A lot of smoke. A lot of noise. About nothing? No, „Firebirds" was much more than merely a gaudy parade of bizarre machines. Above all it was a huge party. Perfectly put on stage, polished to the last detail."
Westfälische Nachrichten: Bunt blitzende Hölle

"Etwas Gewaltigeres in Sachen Show haben wir in Detmold noch nicht erlebt."

„In Detmold, we have never experienced anything as bombastic as this in terms of shows."
Lippe Aktuell: "Firebirds" in der Stadt

"Earlier in the evening Theater Titanick staged a fire and firework display at the Haymarket using weird and wonderful flying machines as props. Particulary impressive was the man-powered Catherine wheel that flew into the air above the heads of an amazed crowd."
The Journal: A white and wild New Year