This production is based on Homer's Odyssey. During his wanderings, Homer's hero Odysseus has to master many difficult and dangerous situations, he doesn't give up, however, until he finally reaches his goal.

Before the background of this legend, Theater Titanick's production shows a theatre group that wants to stage the Odyssey and, in the process, gets lost in it's world and so creates wonderful and unusual images that seem to belong equally to Homers' Odyssey as well as to their own very real world.

The overseas container, serving as stage, contains the wondrous world of the theatre company's own odyssey: flight cases with labels such as Hades and Circe appear and suggest that the magic of the world of theatre and the attraction of Homer's epic are mingling. From the beginning, the group has to stand up against the adversities of their surroundings and falls from one adventure into the other - a fantastic journey full of wonders.

Theater Titanick uses its well-known spectacular means for the staging of this theatrical odyssey. Apart form the mobile overseas container, which folds out to become the stage, the natural elements fire, water and wind come into play.


Kopie von: ODYSSEE linker Rand