Special occasions call for special productions!

Do you have something to celebrate? Is there a special occasion coming up, or is there a special place that yearns to be presented in a new light?

Theater Titanick, well-known throughout the world for its open-air theatre, is sure to be able to provide you with the fascinating kind of performance you are looking for, even for individual events.

Whether in a street, a garden, an exhibition hall or on the grounds of a castle - the theatrical presentations by Theater Titanick always strike the right note. Whatever the stage, the theatrical fireworks of this company never fail to delight the senses.

Fantastic stories, large or small, are portrayed using bizarre figures, fascinating costumes and unusual objects. Atmospheric live music, imaginative light and water effects, as well as perfect pyrotechnics come together to produce unforgettable moments.

Of course, every presentation is planned with great care according to individual requirements. And again and again the archaic elements of fire, water, earth and air show up each location in a new and different light and so fascinate the audience.