This production, commissioned by the City of Leipzig for the new millennium was an opportunity for Theater Titanick to devise a grand spectacle. With its archaic but simple images and actions, Götterfunken appeals to the senses in a fascinating manner. The struggle between the four ancient elements of fire, water, earth and wind is led by Prometheus, surrounded by his dancing fire devils. At the ritual site, Prometheus climbs the magic tower of time. He rules the timepiece, which is portrayed by ten bouffonesque beings. Prometheus awakens the four elements with fire. A frenzied feast begins.

The giant pendulum of time swings in the middle of the seething chaos and the festive fires, until mighty Zeus sends a flash of lightning to welcome in the new millennium. The spectacle was performed in the midst of over 60,000 spectators, upon movable objects and stages which integrated the architectural features of Augustusplatz. The interplay of brilliant visual displays, penetrating sounds, glorious music, and the smells of smoke and fire created a theatrical experience that was at once dynamic, wild, and full of the joy of life.