What defines Leipzig? What do the citizens wish for its future? Inspired by the story of the great Lion Hunt in Leipzig in 1913, Theater Titanick devised and constructed five "Lions" or rather large sculptures which depicted the key themes of the city. They were placed in five different suburbs of Leipzig where they awakened and were unveiled at a brunch for the people on 30th May 2015. They then embarked on a poetic journey across the city each telling of Leipzig’s great themes: Arts and Culture, Publishing and Media, Sports and Environment, Science and Education, Economy and Trade. On their way they stopped at 28 different key locations such as the German National Library, the University Hospital and St Thomas' Church (Thomaskirche), offering a series of performances and gathering people's visions and wishes for the future of the city. Actors, musicians, sportsmen, scientists and amateur actors as well as many institutions and associations took part in the production. A total of 800 people were involved in this event for and with the inhabitants of Leipzig. In the evening the Lions met their Mother Lipsia, Leipzig's patron, on Augustusplatz and passed on their gifts and visions to her in a gigantic, electrifying finale.