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In this production Theater Titanick establishes electricity as a fifth basic element. ELECTRIFIED continues the series of productions which affect people through breathtaking special effects and emotionally touching stories. Only a few words are used, but the magical images and the use of dramatic technique to project archaic power create a thrilling production about electricity. Electricity, although invisible in daily life, can be appreciated sensually. Simple mechanical elements show the production, the storage and the transmission of electricity.

A twelve meter high tower overlooks a scene composed of clusters of houses, an alpine hut, steel constructions and a parabolic mirror. In the tower, there lives an old and wise scientist together with his bizarre helpers Iso and Lato. The view of the stage setting seems to be a flashback to the beginnings of the industrialization and reminds the audience of Chaplin's "Modern Times" as well as the early high voltage laboratories. Right in the middle of this setting, the inhabitants of the houses are wasting electricity, driven by consumer extravagance, indulgent luxury and quarrelsome lives.