Theater Titanick, M√ľnster - Leipzig

Fascinating enormous objects. Live music. Special effects. With atmospheric images, Theater Titanick tells of mythical themes, of humanity, nature and technology. The moods carry the plot - wild actions and poetic scenes with bizarre humour and grotesque characters.

Theater Titanick is rooted in the tradition of European folk theatre. It combines this with modern forms of expression. The aim is to create a world of images, which can be understood by people of all cultures. And it is these images which have captivated and fascinated audiences the world over.


Theater Titanick began in Münster, Germany 1990. Artists from Münster and Leipzig formed the original group, but this soon expanded into an international ensemble. The group has developed into a significant and well-known company in the world of international open-air theatre. This cooperation has been in existence since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The main production centre is in Leipzig and the management centre and rehearsal rooms are in Münster. The production TITANIC - spectacular and bizarre - was the group's first great success, as was confirmed when they won the first prize at the BITEF (The International Belgrade Theatre Festival) in 1994 and the People's Choice prize at the Just for laughs Festival in Montreal, Canada in 2002. The production Odyssey won the 1st price for the best production of the international theater festival Tvardva Teatar in Smederevo/Serbia in 2009. The most important success however is the hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic spectators who together have made Theater Titanick the driving force that it is today in the field of open-air theatre.

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