In 1989, still during the period of its inception, the founding crew of the Theater Titanick company searched for suitable actors, musicians and creative technicians. Fuelled by the idea of creating a new kind of open air theatre group, artists were attracted from both within and beyond North Rhine-Westphalia. But unfortunately, although the general consensus within the group was that the idea of open air theatre was a good one, it was not long before doubts and apprehension began to set in.

The prospect of leaving the sheltered environment of partially subsidised theatre and setting off on a new and uncertain adventure was daunting. In short, the problem was to find sufficient personnel prepared to commit themselves to a long-term project of this nature.

Despite the general uncertainty regarding the group's viability, Münster actor, Stony Assmann met with openness and goodwill in Leipzig, and contact was established with the only free group in that city, the "Theater aus dem Hut".

The contact was quickly developed and in February 1990, Uwe Köhler and Stony Assmann met the crew of the "Theater aus dem Hut" group. The concept of our first performance on the theme of the Titanic met with great enthusiasm. It was agreed to organise a period of several months rehearsal and experimentation in Münster. The Titanic was rehearsed in the grounds of the Haus Stapel castle between May and July, and the first performance was at the Aasee on 4 August 1990. Ever since, the close cooperation between Münster and Leipzig, with its interplay of differing creative powers, has continued to grow and to benefit our productions. Over the years this cross-pollination has led to the development of a number of excellent joint projects.
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