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Street theatre

Open-air theatre is found in many countries and it has a long and proud tradition. Theater Titanick wants to revive this tradition, both in North Rhine-Westphalia and in Germany as a whole.

Theater Titanick constantly allows its theatrical style to develop. It is a spectacular type of theatre in which visual artists, musicians, technicians and effects specialists come together to produce theatre which is at the same time sensuous, atmospheric and visual.

Theater Titanick regards itself as a modern folk theatre group, and retells stories and myths using large images. It is theatre that appeals to both the senses and the intellect of young and old. Theatre that asks questions, entertains and amazes.

The members of the company prefer working in the open air since this allows their special effects to be on a completely different scale. Moreover, Theater Titanick takes the local city architecture into account, integrating it as much as possible into its productions. This is especially so in PAX (1998), Square roots (2007) and AufRuhr (2008).

Theater Titanick and other street theatre groups reach an audience of millions yearly. However,they are still often denied artistic and political recognition.That is why Theater Titanick, together with other artists, founded the Bundesverband für Theater im Öffentlichen Raum (National Association for Open Air Theatre) in 2006 (