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Theater Titanick - Open Air Spektakel


The great illustrated documentary of our work of the last twenty years has now been released! The project was initiated and in part financed by the Friends of Titanick Society, and was realised with the kind support of the Stadtwerke Münster and the Coppenrath Verlag.

Apart from the description of our productions and many large illustrations, the book contains personal accounts and interviews with several members of the team and so gives you an idea of life and work with Titanick. All texts are in German and English.

You can order one or more copies by filling in the form below. Your personal data will be used only for processing your order and will not be passed on to any third party.

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Gründungsmitglieder Theater Titanick

An illustrated documentary of the largest German open air theatre group


Coppenrath Verlag, hard cover, 128 pages, 23x27 cm, includes many large pictures and interesting background information on Theater Titanick.

In addition to the price of 19,80 € we charge 6,40 € for priority postage (delivery within Europe in approx. 2-3 work days).

You can download a preview here.


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