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Presse: "INSECT"

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"Le public a eu droit à une heure et quart de pur ravissement"

"Tout au long du spectacle, les oh ! et les ah ! se multipliaient, à travers quelques rires, pendant que les yeux, toujours grands et ouverts, ne savaient plus où se tourner.

"Ils sont la preuve que le théâtre, même dans la rue ou dans une cour d'école, aura toujours cette incroyable faculté de soulever une foule, de la transporter dans un monde imaginaire et de lui procurer des instants tout simplement magiques."
Le Nouvelliste


"As usual in spectacular outdoor shows like this, though, the truth is that their real attraction lies less in the plot line than it does in the various brilliantly barmy contraptions and exciting effects to be witnessed, which is certainly where this show triumphed.
Evening of magic and mayhem, Manchester Evening News

„Theater Titanick is certainly the highlight of this year's city celebrations. It is at the same time the "Window to fantasy" that allows every spectator to see as far as their inner selves will let them."
Der Koloss aller Feuerameisen, Kronenzeitung



"Un spectacle de la démesure, une atmosphère irréelle, entre feux de l'enfer et bleu del'azur rêvé et conquis. Et des ressorts si évidents, jusque dans l'activité empressée des drôlkes de cafards qui s'agitaient sur le territoire des fourmis. Superbe."
Sa Majesté des fourmis, Dordogne Libre


"Les artistes du « Titanick theater » [...] on fait preuve d'une grande imagination, occupant l'espace terrestre et aérien à merveille. Sur des musiques d'univers diffeérents, passant de la machinerie infernale à des scènes d'une infinie poésie, ils ont réalisé une formidable œuvre collective."
L'envol des fêtes de la lumière, Le Var-martin Dimanche


"Une fable poétique, utilisantdes machines infernales et des effets lumineux impressionants, avec pétards, flammes et feux d'artifices. Du grand art entre ciel et mer."
St-Raphaël : Icare chez les fourmis, Var-martin Dimanche


"In front of the night-time town hall, Theater Titanick conjured up a fairy tale made of iron and steel, water and fire and, above all, with the use of imaginative costumes."
Jetzt hebt Hanau richtig ab, Kultursommer


"A visual delicacy of a special kind."
Festival begeisterte Tausende, Allgemeiner Anzeiger am Sonntag


"A poetic parable about structures of power and hierarchies, about creation and life, flying and crashing. [...] A minutely planned play without words, with large gestures and sounds."
Grotesker Flug durch Flammen, OTZ


"With gigantic technical effort - from huge figures several metres high to actors who fly across the place - and enchanting images, "Titanick" spell-bound the audience, which watched wide eyed and amazed."
Kommunikation gegen Sprachlosigkeit, Vogtlandanzeiger


"Man's old dream of flying as a parable, put on stage for 70 minutes in an archaic language as very moving theatre. Actors, who are real acrobats. And technicians who understand fireworks. When will there be more of Titanick at the Zeche?"
Archaisches Spektakel vor grandioser Kulisse, Ahlener Zeitung

"One moment, the play seems like a fairy tale from bygone days, the next more like modern theatre that knows how to convince with technical finesse and skilful presentation."
Der Traum vom Fliegen wird wahr, Stadtspiegel Herten


"At ten o'clock, when there is finally only darkness around the stage, the starting signal is given for an unforgettable and extraordinary spectacle of its own class. The starting signal for a story about wild jealousy and the dream of flying."
Eifersucht und der größte Traum vom Fliegen, Stadtspiegel Herten


"The breathtaking play of the different elements putt he audience under a spell from the first minute and made it an unforgettable spectacle."
"Insect" fasziniert Groß und Klein

"'Insect' is absolutely a great experience"
Indrukwekkende show van Titanick, Noordhollands Dagblad, Hoorn

"On this day, the visitors experience the non-plus-ultra of a theatre spectacle, which, with the show "Insect" introduces nano-technology to large-scale art."
Chemnitzer Amtsblatt:: Neue Begegnungen in Aussicht gestellt


"The opening couldn't have been more furious. The Open Air theatre group Titanick turned the Schlossplatz into an outlandish insect state on Saturday night."
Furioser Auftakt mit Giganten, Oldenburger Nachrichten


"Theater Titanick realised the dream of flying, the evil games of power and a euphoric downfall. A poetic fable, put on stage with rumbling fantastic machines, fireworks, smoke and impressive acrobatics in the air. Especially convincing: the diligence of the production - it was an experience not only optically but also acoustically."
Euphorisch in den Untergang, Siegener Rundschau


"Insectos alemanes gigantes - Applauso per il teatro."

"Gigantic German insects - applause for the theatre."
Caracas, 12.03.01


"El espectáculo "Insect" ha mostrado el lado utópico y mágico del teatro de calle alemán. El público se ha visto sorprendido por el explosivo montajo de "Titanick". El agua, el fuego, la musica y el insecto metálico móvil han protagonizado una jornada espectacular."

"The spectacle "Insect" has shown the utopian and magic play of German street theatre. The audience was amazed by the explosive production by "Titanick". Water, fire, the music and the mobile metal insect played the main role in a spectacular day."
Un sueno de luz y sonido despide Escena Abierta, El Correo de Burgos


"Dans la tradition des spectacles pyrotechnique, le Theater Titanick place le saissisement dans les vastes tranchées du son et lumière à grands coups de flammes et de bruits bizarres. Insect est la vie d'une fourmilière démésurée ou`, par un effet de loupe, l'immenseément petit devinet l'étrangement grand."
Aurillac en rue libre, Libération


"D'impressionnantes machines mènent le public dans un monde imaginaire entre conte pour enfants et graphisme digne d'un jeu vidéo. [...] Les constructions métalliques, les costumes et les lumières contribuent à créer un univers graphiquement très poétique."
Un peu trop granmdiose ?, Coulisses


"Before crowded stands Theater Titanick, in the business since ten years, showed this dream in its most wonderful diversity. The splendid, extraordinary costumes of the insects, each one lovingly designed differently, contribute to being transferred to another world as much as the impressive music and the breath-taking technical specialities."

"Theater Titanick, flagship of fantasy, was celebrated by the audience with standing ovations of several minutes for its feast of light, sound and colour."
Poesie und Pyrotechnik, Westfälische Nachrichten


"With the help of props several metres high, Titanick really turned the place into a colony of insects. The interplay of actors and machines was breath-taking. Accompanied by pyrotechnical special effects, the actors drove along in a steel construction sixteen metres long similar to a "flying machine". [...] In consequence, the spectators felt like little ants themselves."
Gäste wirken wie Ameisen, Kölner Stadtanzeiger


"In eighty minutes full of suspense, bustling figures romped about; luminous tape was rolled out; heavy armour rolled across the asphalt; flames of fire were spit, actors and props were pulled up into the air by a huge crane and deeply moving music was played." "With huge steel monsters, mystic lighting effects and dramaturgical perfection, "Titanick" provided two great evenings of theatre."
Stahlmonster im mystischen Schleier, Badische Neuste Nachrichten


"An impressive spectacle was presented to the audience of Theater Titanick"
Rastatter Tageblatt