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"What was presented to the audience was literally spectacular. But it also got one thinking."
Zürichsee-Zeitung: Ein Spektakel, das zu denken gibt


"At ten different venues in the Canton [of Zurich] an imaginative, fast-paced and surprising open air spectacle is presented, all about the fascination of electricity and how it has lastingly influenced peoples' lives."
Furttaler: "Unter Strom" und Wolldecken


„Electricity, neither visible nort tangible in real life, is made perceivable by imaginative special effects and simple mechanical elements such as wheels, ropes and wires. [...] With its expressive images and few words, "Unter Strom" is cpompletely consitent with the tradition of popular open air spectacles."
Zürichsee-Zeitung: Strom und Kunst treffen aufeinander


"The fascinating show with many special effects and live music left the audience in Gries enthusiastic, too, where the show was sold out. Smoke, steam, lightning, rains of sparks and light show; the spectators were positively swamped with great effects."
Glattaler: Ein Spektakel mit Tiefgang


"The actors on stage understood it too well to entertain and enchant the audience with amusing dialogues and wild gestures. And the live music from the one man band added the necessary dramatic undertone to the acting on stage."
Zürcher Oberländer: Ein elektrisierendes Kunstwerk geboten


"The audience laughs heartily about the figures that fight their way through th soapy foam, slip and fall.

The appeal of "Unter Strom" lies in all kinds of technical gimmicks: Anna dances in a rain of sparks, flowing electricity shines out blue, flames blaze in the electricity works."
Tages-Anzeiger: Verschwenderisch leben - bis zum Blackout



"The production with expressive stage sets, few spoken words and live music tells of the fascinating and valuable energy and how people waste it.

All in all it is an entertaining and exciting show with many - literally - sparkling gags and perfect acting."
Neue Züricher Zeitung: Vom Leben mit, ohne und unter Strom. Faszinierendes Open-Air-Spektakel der EKZ in Bülach

Unter Strom
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