Steinzeit hautnah

A performance in the city

An invasion of stone people who emerge from under the earth after thousands of years. They come to life in the middle of the city. As if stranded on a strange planet, they explore the city from a completely new perspective. Loaded with stones they roam the streets and alleys, interacting with passers-by and the environment before heading in a precession towards theirs end location to commemorate theirs ancestors with a final ritual.

Local amateur actors will be integrated into the production STEINZEIT HAUTNAH together with the Titanick performers. Those who are interested are trained in workshops and rehearsals on site and are part of a unique experience in a professional setting.

Photo © Leon Hirsch

↓ Facts and figures

Duration: approx. 30 – 60 minutes

Start of performance: daytime

Venues: pedestrian areas, shopping centres, market squares, parks or similar
places in the middle of a city

Titanick Team: 5 – 6 people

Local amateurs: 15 – 20 people

Workshops and rehearsals: 2 – 3 sessions à 3 hours – to be arranged

The production is non language-based and is suitable for an international audience.