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In August and September we let our project FUTUROPA come to life.

FUTUROPA is an interdisciplinary theatre performance. It is a laboratory where the way we live together in Europe is explored. A pile of sand is deposited in the middle of the city. In just three days a complex house structure materializes out of it. This is the stage for performative sequences both improvised and rehearsed. The building will be filled with life day and night during the three days.

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Audience participation will be a major role both in designing the house as well as in the performance. Some of the questions that will be raised: How do we want to live together in Europe in the future? Who determines the rules that we live by? Who is allowed to participate? How can sustainability be a guarantee for a climate-friendly life?

In front of our new hall in Leipzig a set was created in an intensive research and rehearsal phase, in which possible scenarios were improvised and different materials were experimented with. The project will be continued in the coming year with international partners from Poland, France and the Netherlands.

The Project FUTUROPA is funded by the Fonds Darstellende Künste as part of the #TakeAction programme.