What if nature strikes back?

Between floating ice and mountain peaks, this piece with elemental force raises the question of what we hold on to while the world tilts. Surreal, visually powerful, imaginative and absurdly funny, one of the most pressing phenomena of our time is dealt with.

A production by Theater Titanick in cooperation with the dance theater company bodytalk.

© Martin Jehnichen

The production

KIPPPUNKT is an allegory of the climate crisis. Not didactic, but amazing. Not abstract, but so absurdly tangible that everyone can identify with it.

The production finds its own language for a phenomenon that is much discussed but still not fully understood. With the astonishing theatre machinery of Titanick and the astute body art of bodytalk, the audience is drawn into a world where everything is on the brink.

Once again dance with depth meets large-scale image theatre. This time they devote themselves to a question of elemental urgency with their own narrative power: What if nature strikes back?

↓ Facts and figures

Length: 60 Minutes
Venue: Market squares, urban locations, parks
Performance area: 14 x 18 metres
Showtime: partial or complete darkness
Audience capacity: approx. 2000 people
Titanick team: 20 people

Children under 12 years old may be accompanied by their parents.

The production is non-language based and suited to an international audience. The scenes and action carry the plot.

↓ Ensemble

Concept: Theater Titanick und bodytalk
Direction and artistic project management: Clair Howells, Uwe Köhler, Yoshiko Waki
Dance: Tirza Ben Zvi, Pawel Malicki, Bartosz Przybylski, Nona Siepmann
Acting: Ina Gercke, Georg Lennarz, Raschid Sidgi
Set design: Andre Böhme
Music and composition: Jakob Reinhardt
Costumes: Victoria Vau, Ella Kather
Props: Katha Schmelting, Lisa Verlsteffen
Technical direction: Lukas Ferber, Jan Rieve
Stage technicians and construction: Lukas Ferber, Jan Rieve, Lothar Drechsler, Hartmut Stephan, Stefan Sonntag, Jörg Rost
Special effects: Sascha Litwinenko, Matthias Stein
Sound: Ingo Koch
Light: Marlon Brodda, Spiros Paterakis
Production: Nele Dreyer, Veronika Kalievskaya, Janka Zimmermann
PR: Jana Seibert

Supported by:
Stadt Leipzig, Stadt Münster, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe, Schmitz Cargobull

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