TRIP OVER tells the story of Lola and Ocean – two lovers in search of their identity and freedom. But the past travels close by their side and casts an ever-growing shadow over them as they set out on their road trip. The journey becomes an odyssey. The journey becomes an odyssey, shaped by the longing for a love that has broken and the need to face the past in order to be able to leave it behind.

The road movie TRIP OVER takes the audience into a spectacular world and raises the fundamental questions of existence: of loneliness and the longing for togetherness, of repression and the process of letting go.

The production

An old Ford Mustang is the centre piece of the set and as well as being the couples’ home it is their escape. It knows no bounds and steers itself to daring heights. The live action is projected onto a screen and mixed with video clips creating illusions and wild images that leave the audience wondering what is reality and what is fantasy.

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Video Projections – Reality or Fiction?

TRIP OVER combines performance and live music with film and video elements. The live scenes are filmed by several cameras, both mobile and fixed, and projected onto a huge screen. A green screen that is part of the set allows innumerable combinations of pre-produced clips, images and landscapes to be mixed with the live images and leave the audience wondering what is reality and what is fantasy.

This video art takes the audience on a journey into the inner workings of the protagonists Lola and Ocean. Transferring the interaction of two people onto a big screen opens up a different perspective on the performers and thus creates a new and intimate approach to the piece.

Live Music – The LP of Loneliness

The man of many instruments, Coco Kausch, composed the music for TRIP OVER. His keen sense for clear and highly emotional melody lines characterizes the soundtrack. European and oriental music traditions find their way into the compositions. The music is never just an accompaniment or atmosphere for the scenic material but an expression of the inner life of the characters and the language of their dreams, wishes and feelings. And what’s more: the live music in TRIP OVER is a central element of the narrative and shapes the work as a whole.

+ Facts and figures

Length: 70 Minutes
Venue: Market squares, urban locations, parks
Performance area: 25 x 12 m
Showtime: partial or complete darkness
Audience capacity: approx. 2 000 people;
Covid-19 conditions: up to 500 people seated on benches or chairs and/or standing in marked areas
Audience age group: recommended minimum age: 12 years. Children under 12 years old may be accompanied by their parents.
Titanick team: 10 to 12 people

The production is non-language based and suited to an international audience. The scenes and action carry the plot.

A certified construction document is available.

+ Ensemble

Idea: Theater Titanick und Samia Chancrin
Script and Direction: Samia Chancrin
Project Management: Georg Lennarz
Acting: Lisa Balzer, Georg Lennarz
Music, Composition and Acting: Raschid Sidgi, Conrad Kausch
Video Art: Sebastian König
Stage technicians: Lisa Tatz, Justus Weber, Felix Martens, Hartmut Stephan
Costumes and Interior: Marcel Dewart
Special effects: Felix Martens
Sound: Leon Grund, Ingo Koch
Light and Video: Christoph Jackschies
Production management: Niklas Becker
Director’s assistant: Laura Wimmer
Social Media: Ida Feldmann
Mentoring: Clair Howells, Uwe Köhler

© 2024 Theater Titanick