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Theater Titanick, based in Münster and Leipzig in Germany, is one of the largest open-air theatre companies in Europe. Their award-winning productions tour worlwide, presenting worlds of images able to engage and fascinate all cultures.

Fantastic figures. Fascinating, huge objects. Live music. Special effects. By means of atmospheric images, Theater Titanick tells of mythical themes, of humanity, nature and technology. The moods carry the plot which combines wild actions and poetic scenes with bizarre humour and grotesque characters. Theater Titanick is rooted in the tradition of European folk theatre. It combines this with modern forms of expression. The aim is to create a world of images, which can be understood by people of many cultures. And it is these images which have captured and fascinated audiences the world over. Artists from Münster and Leipzig, Germany, formed the group in 1990. Soon it expanded into an international ensemble. The group is now a significant and well-known company in the world of international open-air theatre.
Titanick has created 15 tour productions and presented them in 28 countries across 4 continents, winning many awards at international festivals on the way, for example at the International Theatre Festival B.I.T.E.F. 1994 in Belgrade, Serbia, the “Coup de coeur” at Just For Laughs Festival 2002 in Montreal, at the Tvrđava Teatar Festival 2009 in Smederevo, Serbia, and the International Street Theatre Festival 2011 and 2017 in Holzminden, Germany with their productions FURNANCE SYMPHONY and ALICE ON THE RUN.

Theater Titanick also creates special productions for special occasions and places, for example PAX for the 350th anniversary Jahre of the peace of Westphalia, QUADRATWURZEL for the 400th anniversary of the city of Mannheim 2007, AUF RUHR for the 200th anniversary of the Mühlheim an der Ruhr 2008, LIPSIAS LÖWEN for the 100th anniversary of the city of Leipzig in 2015 and GOLD-RAUSCH for 250th anniversary of Pforzheim’s gold and jewellery industry 2017.

The most important success however is the hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic spectators who together have made Theater Titanick the driving force that it is today in the field of open-air theatre.

The Theater Titanick book
– 2010


The great illustrated documentary of our work. The project was initiated and in part financed by the Friends of Titanick Society, and was realised with the kind support of the Stadtwerke Münster and the Coppenrath Verlag.

As well as the description of our productions and many large illustrations, the book contains personal accounts and interviews with several members of the team and so gives you an idea of life and work with Titanick. All texts are in German and English.

Theater Titanick: Open Air Spektakel, Coppenrath Verlag, hard cover, 128 pages, 23×27 cm
19,80 € (7,00 € for priority shipping: delivery within Europe in approx. 2-3 work days).
You can order the book by phone, email or via our contact form.


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