Willkommen to the realm of illusion …

SONNAMBULO means sleepwalker – and this is how the spectators feel when they are confronted with the dream world created by Theater Titanick. Inspired by the middle age ideas of the afterworld as they are depicted in the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch, powerful scenes appear and disappear again in darkness, taking the spectators into a mysterious dream. In poetic scenery, various Tableaux vivants become places of mysterious fantasies. Appearance and reality are difficult to separate. The park becomes both a place full of magical and picturesque situations as well as grotesque ones. In beauty there is ugliness, in hope there is fear. Like in a dream, nothing can be explained, everything remains irrational. The spectators go deeper and deeper into a fantasy world, departing on a journey through their own fear and hope.

The characters

The blind woman searches constantly for her soul mate. She can hear and feel with supernatural powers; her Narsiha, a round horn, fills the dream world with penetrating sounds.

The earth woman looks after and cleans the limbs she finds in her mound of earth. Has there been an explosion? There is no time for such questions; she keeps on looking after the limbs and putting them back together. But she is also searching for something – for her own body parts she once lost.

The fish woman longs to go back to her element, back to the water. Since she has been washed ashore, she is fighting to survive. But the see doesn’t seem far away at all.

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The knife-sharpener’s mission is to cut the sunflower. But during the preparation of his scythe, he keeps loosing his courage. Indeed, the flower seems to have a life of its own.

The embryo wants to see the light of the world. Protected by a bubble, it moves carefully and slowly. Very ancient-looking and yet so young, it is constantly searching for a place where it can be born.

The hunchback’s home is what appears to be a closed room full of mirrors. He is both attracted and repelled by his loved one and can’t escape his own reflection.

The tree healer looks after his small grove. He nurses the trees, listens to them and discovers their discomfort and illness. But the more he looks after them, the more they seem to be suffering.

Half man half animal, the deer is in search of his identity. He is looking for creatures of his kind.

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Sound and light

Nature sounds, noises of longing, dream voices, musical collages. Every dream scene has a particular sound, a leitmotiv.Two live instruments rise above these metamorphoses, moaning and searching: the alphorn and the Nepalese round horn (Narsiha). A boat sings, the limbs laugh, the whetstone plays opera, a deer blows a horn, the see calls from far away, yet leaving the fish despair on the ground. The music is created from the images; it is a part of each dream scene. There are fluttering lights and background noises. The light and fire effects develop their own emotional power for each scene.
+ Facts and figures

Performance area: Park, if possible with a pond. The production is flexible and adaptable to the location.
Beginning of show: at dusk or complete darkness
Duration: approx. 80–100 minutes, according to size of production
Capacity: approx. 3.000 spectators
Titanick Team: 21 people

A workshop programme for local amateur actors can be offered on request.

Please contact us if you would like to receive the technical rider.

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Concept: Theater Titanick
Directed by: Uwe Köhler
Co-directed by: Raschid D. Sidgi
Composition and music: Gundolf Nandico
Set design: André Böhme
Actors: Michael Hain, Clair Howells, Thomas Kuhnert, Georg Lennarz, Gundolf Nandico, Marie Nandico, Matthias Stein,Rahel Valdiviéso
Design special effects: Robert Schiller
Pyrotechnics: Maik Winkelmann, Felix Martens
Technical director: Jan Rieve
Stage technicians: René Gieszinger, Christian Hofmann, Stephan Östrovsky
Costumes: Dunja Marija Kopi, Sabrina Krämer
Lighting: Johannes Sundrup, Andreas Liedl
Sound: Louis Altrogge †, Ingo Koch

© 2024 Theater Titanick