The world is topsy-turvy.

Isolation is the order of the day. Borders are built and walls erected. Populist tendencies divide societies and families. Egoism and intolerance are taking over, both on an international political scale as well as in the private sphere.
In its new production Theater Titanick picks up on this zeitgeist, this spirit of the time, this imbalance.

The production

UPSIDE DOWN is a 360° performance. It combines physical theatre, vertical dance, kinetic art and video projection. A metal ball, seven metres high and able to move in all directions, is the stage. Three performers are part of a fictive world which, through stubbornness and lust for power, starts to become unstable – and finally tips over.

The world upside down. The players lose the ground under their feet, they stagger, fall and look for support. Chaos, disorientation and powerlessness spread. Imagination, creativity and tolerance for one another help in finding the balance in the world.

During the day, the object functions as an audio-visual, interactive installation in the middle of the everyday hustle and bustle of the city.

© metaorange, Luca Migliore

© 2021 Benjamin Büttner / relativ kollektiv / Kopieren des Videos nur nach ausdrücklicher Genehmigung von Theater Titanick.

+ Facts and figures

Length: 50 Minutes
Venue: Market squares, urban locations, parks
Performance area: a circle with a diameter of approx. 20 metres
Showtime: partial or complete darkness
Audience capacity: approx. 2000 people;
Covid-19 conditions: up to 500 people seated on benches or chairs and/or standing in marked areas
Audience age group: recommended minimum age: 12 years. Children under 12 years old may be accompanied by their parents.
Titanick team: 10 people

The production is non-language based and suited to an international audience. The scenes and action carry the plot.

A certified construction document is available.

+ Ensemble

Direction and artistic project management: Marie Nandico
Co-Direction: Catherine Elsen
Technical Direction, Object Design and construction : Stef Kasper
Production management: Katja Berger
Acting: Christian Backhauß, Kerstin Ohlendorf, Sindy Tscherrig
Acting and Dance : Eva Thielken
Stage technicians : Jennifer Bock, Christine Bruchmann, Cord Meyer, Markus Vorreiter
Music: Rafael Klitzing
Projection : Boris Vitazek
Costumes: Michèle Tonteling
Object design: Theresa Schulz, Michèle Tonteling
Lighting: Spiros Paterakis
Sound: Rafael Klitzing
Climbing coaching: Alexander Koning
Construction: Cord Meyer, Markus Vorreiter, Stefan Papenfuss, Lisa Tatz, Veit Mahnert, Monika Hoffmann, Florian Trenkmann, Barbara Fuhrer, Elena Lauter, Alexander Litwinenko, Hartmut Stephan
Mentoring: Clair Howells, Uwe Köhler

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